Small timers benefit big time with CCL
Despite the poor performance of Telugu Warriors in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), it has proved to be beneficiary for a number of small actors who had otherwise no real recognition. If actors like Samrat and Vishwa for example have now become known to people of Andhra Pradesh it has a lot do with the league rather than them being in the films.

Even earlier too it was the same case for actors like Nithin, Manchu Vishnu, Siddharth etc who actively participated in the previous season and connected with the people despite not having good show at the box office. However these actors finally tasted some genuine success and became busy which meant them missing the cricket action. Will this cycle repeat for the current set of actors like Nikhil, Sudheer Babu etc who are waiting on the fringes of getting recognized box office wise as well. Or unlike the previous batch would they be available to the league and entertain the Telugu cinema lovers in this form too. Only time would tell this we guess.