AbhishekAgarwal-DilRaju-AlluAravindUnderstanding the pulse of the audience has been a quintessential factor after the pandemic. The audience are not queuing up to watch every film in theaters unless there’s something exciting in the offing.

There’s one Telugu producer who is getting it right and he’s Abhishek Aggarwal. Earlier, he delivered a box office blockbuster with Kashmir Files. Now, he has come up with Karthikeya 2 which is also successfully running in theaters.

Kashmir Files has patriotism angle and it struck a chord with the Hindi audience. It’s one of the biggest box office blockbusters from Bollywood this year. As for Karthikeya 2, it has a cultural angle. Both these films are seaming to have the impetus and connect factor to pull the audience.

Notably, Dil Raju has been delivering duds like Rowdy Boys and Thank You. Same with Allu Aravind who has been rolling out duds like Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, Pakka Commercial, and others.

At a time like this, Abhishek has been understanding the trend and producing films accordingly.