Undiporaadhey-Saaho-PrabhasThese days digital media is attracting a lot of viewers and the film industry is targeting these platforms like YouTube to promote their projects. Filmmakers are coming out to interact with various channels for collaborations and promote each other. But how far will one go to just create a buzz around the film?

This small film titled Undiporaadhey which had a release on Friday tried some cheap tactics to bring some controversy in by targeting the biggie like Saaho and make buzz out of it for their Film. The video features some vulgar talk and criticizing Saaho and how a flop it came out, then introduce their film calling it a beautiful story.

Well, it is absolutely not. The film starring some unknown faces is hardly registered in the audience and nobody even cared to mention it even they tried some attraction by titling it by the popular song Undiporaadhey. At the end, nobody even knows it had a release. If it had the proper content, the film would have grabbed the talk like C\O Kancharapalem which too had all new faces but did great. Well, such cheap stunts that the Undiporaadhey team played would only get numerous views on YouTube tube but can’t cut tickets at the theatre which is proved again.