Small Films Feast On RRR’s PostponementIn the view of rising Covid cases across the country and the subsequent restrictions on seating at cinema theatres, RRR’s release has been postponed. This has now paved the way for small films.

Soon after RRR’s postponement announcement was made, films like DJ Tillu and Hero picked the Sankranthi slot and the respective release dates(14 and 15 January) were announced. Even Bangarraju and Rowdy Boys are expected to lock Sankranthi release slot.

There are doubts pertaining to the release plan of Radhe Shyam and it still remains to be seen if the film will actually be making it to theaters on 14th January.

Even if the Telugu states impose 50% seating capacity restriction, it won’t affect small films too much and that is the reason why low-budget films are in a frenzy to lock the Sankranthi slot.

As it appears, a handful of low-budget films are feasting on RRR’s postponement which has come as a blessing in disguise to them.