5 Small films made their way to box office this Friday – Chandi, Nenem Chinna Pillana, Kali Charan, Chinni Chinni Aasa and Satya 2 are the movies. Interestingly all these movies were planned for an earlier date but were postponed due to some reasons. The vacant space at the box office due to no big releases had facilitated their release finally.

Chandi and Satya 2 open better of the remaining films but in all probability could not sustain the steam. Chandi is an utter flop. Nenem Chinna Pillana ended as below average and Satya-2 and Kaali Charan were let down by the directors themselves even though they have decent resources at bay. And the other movie, Chinni Chinni Aasa failed to even get a decent release any where. So, all in all, a disappointing week for Tollywood once again.