Small Film Unit Threatens to Commit SuicideThere is a small movie ‘Nanigadu’ that is presently facing a big issue in the form of the leakage of the entire film on YouTube before its release. The makers of the movie, along with the lead actor are threatening to commit suicide if the issue remains unresolved.

The movie is said to be certified ‘U’ by the Central Board of Film Certification and the makers are making their arrangements to release the film, soon. Meanwhile, the movie surfaced on YouTube much to the astonishment of the unit.

‘Nanigadu’ was said to be made with a budget of Rs. 40 lakhs and the small film unit is left with no option but to take the issue to the Film Chamber. Durga Prasad, who played the lead, is threatening to commit suicide along with the entire unit of the film.

Piracy and leakages are bothering many filmmakers and when this happens to small budget films with unknown faces, the condition is too pitiable to even explain.