Mental MadhiloThese days small films are making big collections at the box office surprising everyone for their unique and fresh approach to the audience. Just like the film Pelli Choopulu here is another small film, Menta Madilo getting ready for the release on 24th of this month and the way that the filmmakers have chosen to promote the film is really surprising.

Suresh Babu Daggubati who has taken the distribution rights of the film has stepped up and announced that the film would have its shows at their studio every day and the show is open for everyone, the outsider or the media personnel.

Suresh Babu said that anyone can go an watch the film with permission and requested to give an honest feedback to the world via social media, so that, the film goes into the audience the better way.

Suresh Babu is known as a shrewd businessman knows the tactic. If this idea works and the movie is good it will create a buzz on social media otherwise it could go totally unnoticed. Let’s see how the talk will be from these special shows.