SM Talk: Director's 'Universal Athi'Tollywood hasn’t produced a mainstream original superhero film till now. But cut to now, young Telugu filmmaker Prasanth Varma is claiming that he is starting a cinematic universe of his own. All this while his first outing in this genre is Hanu-Man is yet to release.

Today, the second film from ‘Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe’ was announced. The film is titled Adhira and it will have RRR producer, DVV Danayya’s son, Kalyan Dasari in the central role.

Prasanth’s idea to announce a cinematic universe with his own name headlining it is inviting trolls on social media.

“Cinematic Universes are created by Hollywood Studios which make films on fictional characters that are popular across the globe. It is strange to see a 3-film old director announcing his own cinematic universe. None of his supposed superhero films have even released till now. If he really is a capable filmmaker and his superhero films click at the box office, the audience will give his creations a name. But he himself is projecting his universe and this is nothing but universal athi(overaction),” a Telugu netizen commented.

In Hollywood, Marvel Cinematic Universe is widely popular for rolling out visually stunning superhero films. Films like Spider-Man, Avengers, Iron Man fall under this category. Even DC Extended Universe is widely popular as they roll out new outings from Batman and Super Man franchises.

Now, Prasanth Varma is trying to do something on these lines and he has named the project Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe. He better deliver the goods, or he might be inviting more trolls in the future.