Adipurush Trailer-in-TheatresPrabhas and Kriti Sanon’s devotional extravaganza Adipurush seems to be slowly making a mark in a positive way after the tremendous initial backlash it got after its teaser release.

There is a sudden wave of positivity for the film, especially after the release of the song, Jai Shri Ram. The song composed by Ajay and Atul has worked like magic and has helped in wiping off some of the negativity the film was facing. The Hanuman and Sita motion posters also received a decent response from the audience.

Slowly the tide seems to be turning in favor of Adipurush. The audience also seems to be ready to give the film a chance before writing it off completely.

There’s still some hope that Adipurush might turn out to be a big surprise at the box office. There is a belief that the story of Ramayana, if well told, has the power to connect with the audience in a big way, irrespective of VFX. One cannot dismiss Om Raut just by one teaser. He has made a memorable movie like Tanhaji in the past.

The low expectations, especially after the teaser, might actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Adipurush. And if the film turns out to be an entertaining spectacle, the film will strike big.

Reportedly, the film’s trailer is all set to release on May 9. Let’s hope the trailer turns out to be good and doesn’t spoil the party again, and people will throng to the theaters on June 16 to watch Adipurush in theaters.