The biggie Aagadu starring Superstar Mahesh Babu might face a little delay of one week. This is the latest news sweeping the industry currently as delay by a week might lead to few changes in equation’s.

The coming days are going to be very tight in terms of release dates as many big films are slated to release one after the other. Already we had a situation with releases of Rabhasa and Power. There is Oka Laila Kosam which is also waiting for slot. Amidst all this, postponement by a week of Aagadu might ease pressure on the first half of these releases but it might lead to a bigger and more direct clash with Ram Charan once again.

The unit of Aagadu is going to Switzerland soon for picturization of couple of songs. With the completion of these songs the shoot of the film would be completed. The makers are planning to release the audio on August 28. A clear picture on the release would emerge on the day of audio release. Let’s wait and see how things unfold further.