Telugu TV industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Women have stopped watching films and going to theaters, they are now glueing themselves to Television sets watching TV serials and game shows all the day. But the native producers are feeling the pressure due to the furry of dubbing serials in to Telugu. These dubbing serials are stressing up on adding and exposing glamour on screen so that they cater the needs of all age groups. As a result, native Telugu serials are following the same suite.

The subjects and stories of serials have remained mostly the same with the necessary drama of love, evil, hatredness etc. But the artists have become young and glamourous. The oomph of the anchors have become an absolute necessity in game shows. The upsurge of anchors like Anasuya and Rashmi are best examples of this trend. They have become immensely popular among the youth.