Six packs body is not a thumb rule for actors - Vishnu

Vishnu Manchu is very upbeat about his latest release Doosukeltha, which is finally releasing in cinemas Oct 17. The actor is extremely confident about the film and says it will be better than Dhee and Denikaina Ready. For Doosukeltha, he also shed weight and worked hard to physically stay fit. But he says he doesn’t believe in flaunting a six packs.

He says he doesn’t want to flaunt six packs just because other actors are flaunting it. He believes its not thumb rule in the industry to have a six packs body, and he would only flaunt if it is really required. He says he only believes in staying physically fit, and therefore, is also currently training in martial arts.

Vishnu also said that he did the film because he believed in Veeru Potla’s script. He said Veeru has completely done justice the film and he is sure that audiences will love the film. He says the feedback he has received from the key members of the industry who saw the film at a private screening has given him more confidence.