‘Baahubali’ trailer, as expected has caught the nation by storm and the reviews on the trailer started storming the websites and media nation-wide. These are undoubtedly the moments of pride for Telugu people that we can dish out a movie of international standards.

We feel we are falling short of words while talking about the stunning trailer. Let’s try something new this time instead of just a review. Here are six best moments from ‘Baahubali’ trailer we’ve picked out which would also leave you feeling awesome.

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1. Prabhas’ asking for identity:
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer
More than the entry scene, we felt the scene Prabhas was troubled by his identity is more intriguing and captures his hurt and pain clearly; ‘Nenu Evarniii?’. Moreover Prabhas’ fans get to see their star in close up and the emotions he portrays are nothing less than stupendously fantastic! Loved him.

2. Melliflous beauty Tamanna
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer
Milky beauty Tamanna’s angelic beauty portrayed in the trailer leaves the audiences wanting to her see more and hoping the romance between Shivudu and Avantika would be something higher than any romantic saga between a ‘kaaranjanmudu’ and an angel.

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3. Facing the evil
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer

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One knows that it’s Rana who is playing the villain, but here is one more very very talented actor who sends chills down the spine of the viewers with his ‘Shakuni’ cunning eyes. Naazar truly walks away with all the credits competing with the main villain. OMG!

4. The visual grandeur
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer
Without the mention of the visual grandeur of the kingdom, this special moments article would be incomplete. It’s not just the VFX which needs mention, it’s the hard work and great creative art of the art department which makes the epic drama come alive. And this beautiful and detailed set is fabulously stunning, isn’t it?

5. Evil Personified
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer
Not mentioning Rana as Bhallaladeva is like crime when we talk about ‘Baahubali’. His well-built body, the panorama of expressions we got to see from him make us want him more and more. People say, negative attracts easily. Here it’s his strong persona that is electrifying.

6. Slavery and torture
Six best moments of Baahubali trailer - 17
For people to revolt and wait for a messaiah, the main reason is the tyrant ruler. Slavery, torture and pitiable conditions of the citizens are enough for the people to wait for a Robinhood figure like ‘Shivudu’, who has a past and wandering in the pursuit of his identity. The tortured souls are helplessly waiting for their saviour.