sitara-superstar-krishnaLess than a couple of months ago, Mahesh Babu‘s daughter Sitara had to suffer a personal loss with the passing of her grandmother, Indira Devi, who was evidently very close to her. Videos of Sitara crying at her grandmother’s place broke the hearts of netizens then.

Now, Sitara is having to face another tough situation as her grandfather, Krishna passed away. This really has been an extremely tough year for Mahesh Babu and his family as they have been losing their near and dear ones.

Sithara has now shared an Instagram post about her late grandfather and it is an emotional one.

“Weekday lunch will never be the same again….. You taught me so many valuable things… always made me smile Now all that’s left is my memory of you. You’re my hero… I hope I can make you proud someday. I’ll miss you so much Thatha garu…” Sitara shared on Instagram.

Not just Mahesh, but even his kids are having to go through a hard time in 2022. All we can do is hope things get that much more better for them in the near future.