Sirish Bhardwaj joins BJP

Remember Sirish Bhardwaj? If you can not, he is the son-in-law of Chiranjeevi who created sensation few years ago by eloping with Chiru’s younger daughter, Srija. After then, they had a kid but things turned worse later. Srija herself filed a dowry harassment case on Sirish and his parents. And had been living with her parents since then. Sirish is not in news since then except for 1-2 times in which he had to attend the court hearing.

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Now he is making headlines once again. He joined Bharatiya Janatha Party yesterday in the presence of Senior leader Bandaru Dattatreya yesterday along with 200 of his followers. Sirish is reportedly planning to counter Chiranjeevi for all the humiliation he faced in life. But political observers say he can do no damage to Chiranjeevi’s image.