Single take artist Balayya!

It was very exciting for Nandamuri fans in Uttarandhra region. Balakrishna’s Legend is being shot in RK Beach road, Vishakapatnam. Balayya is seen chasing villain Ajay on a horse. The actor is finishing all the long shots in a single take. Yesterday, the actor is seen emerging on a horse with a bomb blast in the back drop. Today morning, the actor is seen running down his horse from a huge glass chasing the baddies. There is a huge crowd who came there to watch the shooting.

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The entire unit and the fans who saw the shooting are enthralled with the output of the scenes. The shooting in and around Vishakapatnam will go on for the next one month or more.The film is being readied for February 2014 release. There are huge expectations riding on this project from fans and common audience as well.