In the past few years due to the immense success and popularity of the movie Singham and its remake, Suriya has become synonymous with the name. Let’s take the Telugu film market for example, when the first Singham arrived as Yamudu it came without any hype but later it developed tremendous following which helped its sequel get superb openings.

What many do not know is that the first Singham had a remake in Hindi as well which went onto become a cult movie demanding a sequel of its own. Now in few months time the sequel titled as Singham Returns is going to release as well. The interesting aspect here is that this sequel has nothing to do with the second Singham film that Suriya did and that is what is adding to lots of confusions all over now.

As Singham has now become a pan South Indian brand many producers are already queuing up to get the remake rights of this Hindi sequel. The makers of Singham Returns too are looking at the dubbing rights as extra revenue and are planning to sell off all language remake rights to a single highest bidder. If that is how things go, imagine a situation where the makers have to get actor for the remake. In effect we could be looking at a single character being played by two different heroes for the same market.

This is a strange situation and something that has not been witnessed ever before. Wonder who will step into the Singham shoes and more importantly what would be the actors fate if the movie turns out to be success. Also how would the planned Singham franchise continue in future with Suriya, especially in Telugu. So many interesting scenarios and possibilities and the fate lies in the hands of director Rohit Shetty. Let’s see what he has come up with in Singham Returns.