Singer Sunita, the beauty with singing talent has already proved her multi-faceted talent as singer, dubbing artist, anchor and host. Her mellifluous voice suits romantic numbers and sensuous feel songs. Lately she sang a full length English song. The lyrics go like this…’Kiss Me Everywhere’. Though the song is in English, it is for a Telugu movie. Sunita has crooned for the English song for RGV’s upcoming movie ‘Ice Cream 2’.

According to the birdies from the sets of the movie, the song is a very sensual one and has been picturised on the lead actress Naveena, the latest muse of RGV. Well, Sunita already has sung for a sensuos number ‘ Egiripote enta baaguntundi’ for Krish’s ‘Vedam’. But that one was in Telugu. Going by the voice quality of singer Sunita, one can expect this song to top the music charts in the weeks to come. Hope this song becomes the highlight of the film.