Simultaneous release for Satya-2

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s new directorial venture Satya-2 is going to hit screens all over India on November 8. The film which has been simultaneously made in Telugu and Hindi will have a simultaneous release as well all over. Puneet Singh Ratn (in Hindi) and Sharwanand (In Telugu) play the main lead role in the film. Anaika Soti makes her debut as actress with this film which is said to be loosely inspired by Telugu film Businessman.

The director meanwhile has clarified once again that Satya-2 has nothing to do with Satya, a cult classic and that only due to certain thematic similarities he has named the film as such. In both the film a person named Satya comes to a new place a changes its future forever. It’s because of this similarity he named the film Satya-2, the prolific director said and not to cash in on the classic status of the old film. Satya -2 was initially slated to release on October 28 but the release was postponed in the last minute as a biggie was going to release a week after and that could have meant the removal of the film in a weeks’ time.

If there are any Ram Gopal Varma fans still out there, how excited are you for this new gangster drama from the director. He has in the past made few very memorable films on this subject like Satya and Company, do you think this can match up to such legacy?