Simplicity is the Mantra -Mahesh, Pawan and NTR

Contrary to the usual presumption that movie stars always tend to look stylish, they actually try to maintain difference between reel life and real life. Simplicity is the key word for their attire when they move in public.

Famous actors like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and NTR like to dress as simple as they can while off screen. Pawan likes to dress differently on each occasion. Sometimes he wears a blazer while sometimes, a simple tee shirt would do. Not just the dress, he also keeps changing his facial hair styles. If once seen with a clean shave, the next time he shows up with rough beard.

Then comes Super star Mahesh who loves plain shirts. On various occasions, Mahesh Babu was seen wearing different coloured plain shirts. Want to maintain class? Watch him.

While Pawan and Mahesh are busy with their own styles, NTR is mostly seen dressed in black. A black shirt and a pair of blue jeans pants would make his day. However, he was once seen in a stylish blue shirt in RV audio release function, maybe his wife finally forced him to.

Super stars who can keep their feet at ground when they gain popularity are the ones who go on top in the industry and the above mentioned people are living examples.