Simple Living and High Thinking for RajinikanthSuperstar Rajinikanth has always been known for following the doctrine of simple living and high thinking. But most people don’t know the extent of Rajini’s simplicity. Indeed, such is Rajinikanth’s ways that on the actor’s last spiritual trip to Himalayas, he was mistaken to be a beggar.

As it so happens, the actor was inside the temple in his usual simple attire and had sat down near a pillar for some time, when a 40-something lady came by and knowing nothing about the actor mistook him for a beggar. She then proceeded to offer him ten rupees. Rajinikanth simply took the money with a smile and did not raise any fuss. When Rajini was leaving the temple and was headed towards his car, the same lady saw him and came to him to apologise, but he simply said that it was God’s way of showing him his true place.