Simba--Ranganathan-MadhavanIt is not new in the film industry that a role that to be played by an actor will be played by another actor for various reasons. The Hindi remake of Temper, Simmba with Ranveer Singh as the lead roped in Madhavan for the villain role and as the film is ready to go onto the sets in a couple of weeks, Madhavan dropped out of the film.

Madhavan underwent a major injury and took a surgery for the same. The actor, in such conditions of him not being able to make it, to catch up the shoot in a couple of weeks, took a call on the project to step back. Maddy himself confirmed the same on Twitter. So, whom do you think would replace Maddy in the film?

It should be Prakash Raj, as many hope. He was the apt actor to do Valter Vasu, the corrupt dealer who tries to save his brothers accused of raping a girl for a month. Well, let’s see whom would Rohit Shetty get onto the sets replacing Madhavan.