Simbu started singing for money

Simbu is a popular Tamil actor, but in the last few years he has proved himself as a singer too, crooning several chart busters. He said he started singing even before he became an actor for pocket money. He knew it would help him make quick bucks, and, therefore, he was game for it. But he never anticipated that he would become so busy with singing that he has now reached a point where he is turning down songs because of lack of time.

In the recent past, Simbu has been singing even in Telugu for stars like Junior NTR and Manchu Manoj. He doesn’t consider him a singer because he just sings but never understands why a song in sung in a certain way. He said that he wants to concentrate on acting now as his film career ip has taken a hit with back to back flops. He says he doesn’t want to take out too much time for singing and if possible would stay away from it for a while. He rues that even on Republic Day, he had recorded two songs for different films.

Simbu didn’t have a single release in 2013 and now wants to concentrate on bring out two films he has been working on for a long time. He also said that he will soon start working on the Tamil remake of Potugadu.