Silly Social Media: MB's Orange Shirt In DiscussionThe pre-release event of Sarkaru Vaari Paata was held on a grand note and fans turned in decent numbers. Mahesh Babu spoke limited as he always does but his orange shirt became a hot topic of discussion on social media.

While some loved Mahesh in his colorful avatar, there were others who pointed out that Mahesh has also started to support the Hindutva angle and that is the reason he sported an orange shirt.

This angle looks quite silly as Mahesh is not the kind of an actor who would do something like this even when put under pressure. In the past, films like The Kashmir Files and RRR (Alluri portions mistaken for Ram) in the North were given the Hindutva angle.

This argument becomes even more silly because SVP is not even releasing in the North and is a proper south film. But social media is a place where weird things happen and even trend India-wide. Let’s see where this discussion leads to.