Keerthy-Suresh-Jr-NTRAs Jr NTR and Koratala Siva’s NTR30 gets delayed further and further, we keep hearing more and more rumors about the film. The newest rumor is about the female lead in the film.

There are now social media rumors that Keerthy Suresh has been approached for the female lead role in the film and she has rejected the offer. This news is being extensively carried by anti fans.

But the very fact that Keerthy Suresh rejected NTR30 looks comical. Given the kind of slump that she is in with multiple box office failures to her name, she is in no position to reject a film with Jr NTR.

Moreover, no actress in their sane mind would be rejecting an opportunity to work with Jr NTR and particularly so after seeing his global fame after RRR. Starring alongside NTR for his immediate next film after RRR is a juicy opportunity and not many would be letting go off the same.

When dug deep, we came to know that the makers of NTR30 are in talks with 2-3 crazy heroines and an official announcement on the same will be out in the next few days. Till then, these fake speculations can continue to make more noise without any real substance.