Mahesh-Babu-FansIt is known that marking Mahesh Babu’s birthday today, special shows of Pokiri are being screened at select theaters across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

But there’s an issue here. Mahesh’s fans are finding fault with Sudarshan 35MM theater in Hyderabad. They are fuming over the fact that the theater isn’t being made available for the screening of Pokiri tonight.

But this is outright silly. Sudarshan is currently screening Bimbisara, a new release which is going strong at the box office.

Mahesh’s fans are now criticising Jr NTR and Nandamuri fans, saying they are behind the lack of show for Pokiri.

It is irrational to expect the theater to sideline a new release and orchestra the re-release show of Pokiri. The distributor associated with Bimbisara wouldn’t lose out on a prime time show on a holiday today(Muharram).

While Mahesh’s fans might opine that Sudarshan has been a sentimental theatre for them for many years now, they should also look at the current situation. They can’t expect Bimbisara’s distributor to lose out on a prime time show.

More importantly, theaters in Hyderabad are already losing out on 1 show per day as the central government has ordered all the theaters to screen 1 show of Gandhi film for the week preceding and succeeding the Independence Day.

Add this to the equation and now, the demand to allot one show for Pokiri while a new release is running successfully seems silly.