Suriya starrer Sikindar finally released yesterday after all the promotional hype. The result of all the hard word has surely paid off if one looks at day 1 numbers of the film. Both the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions have taken huge openings at box office making it the biggest opener among all the Suriya films.

In Telugu Sikindar is the biggest opener ever not just in Suriya career but also among dubbed films. The film showed superb occupancies through out the day yesterday with houses going packed all over. However the talk of the film is not that positive and the trade is expecting it to crash pretty soon. To know how soon we have to wait till the end of the day as early reports emerging so far aren’t that encouraging.

Sikindar was directed by Lingusamy. Samantha acted as heroine in the film. The director doesn’t have any hits in Telugu and the actress doesn’t have any hits in Tamil. It looks like there won’t be any change in those facts for now.