Siddhu-hero-sylishOnce there was a time when actor Sidharth gave importance to Telugu films over Tamil. Though Tamil happens to be his mother tongue, his fluent Telugu and his focus more on Tollywood won the hearts of Telugu audience and accepted him as Telugu. There were allegations on him that he favoured Telugu films more than his mother tongue films. But every thing changed now.

Sidharth’s comments on Telugu films and audience after the release of ‘Something Something’ have angered the film makers here and an unofficial ban is lingering on the head of the actor. But Sidharth seems not to care and presently concentrating only on Kollywood. His latest Tamil release ‘Jigarthanda’ proved to be decent hit winning the status of a cult movie.

Latest, ‘Jigarthanda’ directed by Karthik Subbaraju of ‘Pizza’ fame has been selected for screening South Asian International Film Festival. This is a great honour for all the cast and crew of the film. Telugu movie lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of the Telugu version of the movie ‘Chikkadu Dorakadu’. Even though the Telugu version is complete and ready for release since long, no offical news came out on the release of the dubbing version.

Before the release of ‘Jigarthanda’ Sidharth almost fought a war with the producers for the film’s delay. He tweeted against the producer lobbying with other big names and favouring others’ films. Besides critical acclaim, the movie had been a commercial hit even. But Sidharth isn’t even trying to talk about the release of the Telugu version. The actor is showing zero interest about it’s Telugu version and reaching out for Telugu audience who encouraged and owned him for his performances. Is he still holding grudge on Tollywood? What for?