Korean movies are presently becoming a focus in the film industry. Some of the superhit films which have garnered huge appreciation because of out of the box ideas are allegedly the ideas which have their inspiration (?) From either Korean movies or Korean novels. Let’s talk about only two recent movies which have come under scanner for inspiration coated plagiarism. ‘Drushyam’ turned out to be a superhit film in all the languages made so far. But allegedly director Jeetu Joseph lifted the idea from a famous superhit Korean novel ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’.

The next movie which comes under the same criticism is Siddharth’s latest sensational Tamil movie ‘Jigarthanda’. Prior to its release, Siddu had clashes with his producer for its delay and he was very confident on his movie would become to become a game changer for him in Kollwood. He proved right. However the question arises, where did he get the confidence from. This movie also seems to be a result of plagiarism sugar coated as inspiration from South Korean movie ‘The Dirty Carnival’. Writers and actors claim that theirs is an unique concept. Can plagiarism of this kind can be called only an inspiration?