Actor Siddharth who is eagerly waiting a blockbuster now believes that his latest film Jabardasth will turn out to be a highly successful film. A comedic entertainer, the film is about Bairraju, a person who loves English but is unable to speak a word of it.

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Siddharth believes that this was the right film to stick his neck out for considering that he grew up watching and admiring actors like Govinda and Jim Carrey and this is his tribute to those extraordinary actors.

Talking about comedy as a film genre Siddharth believes that it is a serious thing and depends a lot on the trust between an actor and a director. In this film, Siddharth’s only mirror was Nandini and he thought that if she laughed while he was doing a scene, it would be okay and if she did not, the scene will be redone.

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