Siddharth takes on media once again!

Actor Siddharth, who is infamous for his bad terms with media for reporting some false reports, is unhappy with once again. Last time, the Bommarillu star had gone far ahead by claiming that third grade TV channels can sell their families to make up an hour of TV. And now he takes on Newspapers.

While a lot is being written on what is cooking between him and Samantha, the actor had launched a scathing attack on media once again in an interview to a National Newspaper, “I have been written about with a lot of women. I have chosen not to respond. My family does not read gossip rags and what is in the paper today is the packing for a pakoda tomorrow. You can attribute a quote to a person without meeting him. The inverted comma is being molested beyond identity.”

Media houses are reportedly fuming at this new statement too.