Siddharth Dig At Samantha After Divorce AnnouncementThe news of the separation of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, as expected, is dominating social media. It is the talk among the fans and is not just restricted to the Telugu audience. To add fire to the ongoing goss is this no so cryptic message from Samantha’s former lover, Siddharth.

Before Naga Chaitanya and Samantha were a thing, the media were swooning all over Siddharth and Samantha. They were the ‘it’ couple back then. Post the marriage; however, he had maintained silence. It is why Siddharth’s comment now has taken everyone by surprise.

Siddharth has posted on Twitter today that ‘Cheaters Never Prosper’. He said it was one of the first lessons he learned in school and asked fans to share theirs. Well, the message coming right after the official announcement of Chay-Sam is an indirect dig, no doubt.

Could the timing of the tweet have been better? Well, one can’t say what the right time for issues like these is? Usually, people open up when things are hot. We can see that with Poonam Kaur (who herself is amidst controversy in Telugu) coming to the support of Siddharth.

One also can’t help but wonder if there is more coming from Siddarth in the coming days. After all, he has a movie lined up in Telugu (Mahasamudram) after a long gap. If he comes to promotions surely, there will be more. We have to wait and see if that is the case and does he have anything more to say – directly or indirectly.

Siddharth Samantha Tweet

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