No matter how many films an actor does in their career they will always be remembered for the classics they star in. and having such classics in an actor’s career is a rare occurrence as not every film an actor does gets that status. Siddharth is among the lucky actors to be part of one such film as main hero, it was Bommarillu and it surely doesn’t require any more explanation.

However Siddharth has hit a jackpot by being part of a classic movie again playing the main hero part. We are talking about his Tamil film Jigarthanda which would be releasing soon in Telugu as Chikkadu Dorakadu. After months of getting postponed the film has finally released yesterday in Tamil worldwide. It has opened with stunning reviews with many hailing it as a classic in gangster movie genre. The film is directed by Karthik Subbaraj who made stunning debut with Pizza. With Jigarthanda he has established his credentials as top of the line director in the new generation.

All we have reported above is a critical evaluation though and it remains to be seen if this critical success can turn into commercial success as well and if the film can be the biggest success in Siddharth’s career overtaking that of Bommarillu.