Siddharth Back to Petty Fights & Abuse on TwitterOnce a reckoning name in Tollywood as an upcoming star, actor Siddharth is now known for his Twitter fights like a normal Twitter user. We seldom see him making headlines except for some virtual fights on social media platforms. Yesterday, the actor was seen fighting it out, trolling and mocking BJP tweet supporting fuel hike.

He called BJP‘s tweet as ‘Gobar gas’ that we are getting free on Twitter, unlike in the olden times when it used to cost to make gobar gas. This mocking tweet has got a response from a Twitterati who inturn mocked Siddharth saying that Siddharth has done this for the sake of gaining attention.

Of course, the tweet had an abusive word and Siddharth chose to reply back in a satirical way that the troll meant Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hence, asked him not to use abusive language on the PM and he wouldn’t allow it. When he was abused, Siddharth implied it for the PM in a satirical way. All said and done, why is Siddharth fighting like a normal user on the social media.