Finally actor Siddharth who is already a divorcee announced that he is going to get married very soon. Can you guess how soon? Within 4-5 months says the actor. Though Sidharth announced his marriage, he didn’t reveal the name of the person who is going to be his better half. Ofcourse, going by his past statements, concern and praises he always showered on Samanta, one would easily guess it would be Samanta.

As of now, things seem to be pointing only towards Samanta. Till date Samanta has completed all her commitments in Tollywood and only Trivikram’s film with Allu Arjun is yet to go on the sets. In Kollywood too, Surya’s movie ‘Anjaan’ was released, Vijay’s ‘Kaththi’ nearing completion and only Vikram’s film is on cards for Samanta. If going by the statement of Sidharth, 4-5 months would be more than enough for the actress to complete the shooting for her pending projects.

Top heroines with family girl image go for extreme skin show only when they are either fading away or taking a brief hiatus from movies. Is that the reason why Sammy went for skin show in her latest releases? If the above analysis holds good, Samanta might not sign any new project soon. Some pessimists even are hoping that Sid is going to give a shock by not announcing Samanta’s name after 4-5 months. Anyway, till Sammy and Sid come out in open and announce their wedding in open one can’t be sure of anything because in film industry equations change overnight.