adah sharma father diedSometimes even small things trouble the consciousness of a sensitive beholder’s eye. Inevitable things like birth and death come to living beings naturally and one can’t predict what happens with life at any given point of time. Naturally death of a dear one is the most painful one for the departed loved ones.

Coming to the point, heroine Adah Sharma’s father passed away due to heart attack. Expressing her grief the girl tweeted, “My father passed away of a sudden Heart Attack yesterday. But I guess that’s how death works. Gives us no hints. love you pappa”. The maturity of the girl is surprising many for the way she took her most beloved’s death. Her father had been in army and she was his only child.

To report such sad news, the use of rhetoric like ‘Heart Attack babe father died with Heart Attack’ is sickening. Rhetoric gives language its beauty. Fine. But is such rhetoric fair in such situations when the daughter is mourning her father’s death? Don’t we need to be sensitive enough to others’ emotions and feelings in troubled times? What say?