Shyam Singha Roy TeaserThe teaser of Natural Star Nani’s upcoming flick Shyam Singha Roy is out. It is intriguing from the first frame and packs a lot of intensity at the same time. The entire thing comes with a twist, which is icing on the cake.

There have been so many rumours and theories on Shyam Singha Roy based on the posters and the buzz created by the makers. The teaser gives some clarity on them. It definitely looks like there is a reincarnation angle involved in the whole proceedings.

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Nani is seen in two shades. One belongs to a period setting in Kolkata, who essentially is the title role character. The other is a modern guy, but nothing is revealed about him. We briefly get a glimpse of him carrying some camera, but that’s it.

The character of Shyam Singha Roy is full of intensity and mass moments looking at the teaser. The dialogue in Bengali is also well written and executed. We have to see how long it plays out in the movie. Sai Pallavi is paired opposite Nani in the past, whereas Kriti Shetty to the modern one.

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Check out the teaser below. Mickey J Mayer, who impressed everyone with a powerful title song, is at it again with the BGM. Venkat Boyanapalli produces Shyam Singha Roy on the Niharika Entertainment banner. The mass emotional drama with a twist will hit cinemas worldwide on December 24th.


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