Shruti-Haasan's-Insensitive-Tweet-Created-a-Storm-in-The-CupChoosing the right time to break a news or share a thought is very important for the public figures. Shruti Haasan who was in London for a music assignment shared a post saying that it was so much fun working with the two persons associated with the assignment.

But, her post came at the wrong time when their former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi passed away and the entire Tamil Nadu has been mourning. She didn’t convey condolences from her side and apart from that she wrote about the fun she was having with regard to her music assignment.

Quite obviously, people took offense and started trolling her for her insensitive behavior. In the present situation, it is apt either to share a condolence message or maintain dignified silence. Looks like, Shruti didn’t give a thought before sharing the post. Even Kamal Hassan is being dragged into the abusive trolls.