Sruthi Haasan dad Kamal Haasan

Shruti Haasan is without any doubt the darling of youth across the nation. She is followed extremely closely which has even lead to an unfortunate stalking incident as well. And one of the other barometers to look into all this aspects in the online following she commands. Shruti Haasan is already a big presence in the Twitter world and now recently she has joined the other social networking site Facebook as well.

And guess what she did immediately with her arrival. She zoomed past her father on the same social networking site in terms of the likes with the short time frame by a huge margin. Kamal Haasan has been part of Facebook for quite some time now and he had 2.1 Million likes but her daughter within no time has doubled that and gone past 5 Million likes. Well as they say it’s all and in the family and we are sure the dad would be proud of this little achievement of her daughter.