Name an actor and there won’t be anyone who won’t stop heaping praises on Prabhas. His grounded nature, simplicity, and how he treats his co-artistes with scrumptious food is known to all.

Will there be anyone who could say no to Prabhas? You may think no one, but here comes doe-eyed beauty Shruti Haasan who had said no to Prabhas. Yes, you have read it right. The actress had to resist herself saying no to Prabhas for his food treat.

Recounting the incident, Shruti Haasan said, “Prabhas sends some lovely, amazing food. One can’t stop but continue to indulge in the delicacies he sent. I haven’t eaten so much food in a long time. It so happened that I overate and I had to push the shoot”.

Shruti continues stating that when Prabhas told her that he would send food again, she said no. However, Prabhas instead of food treated Shruti with some desserts. “He sent me three insane desserts. Prabhas truly knows how to spoil a person,” she adds.

Shruti and Prabhas have collaborated for the first time for Salaar. The pan-India film directed by Prashanth Neel is slated for release next year.