Shruti Haasan has no time for love
She comes from the family of Kamal Haasan and has definitely attracted all the great qualities from her father. Shruthi, who has become a sought after actress in Indian cinema, absolutely has no time for love, thanks to her busy work schedule. Apparently, she’s so busy going from one vanity van to the other than she said that even if a Hollywood star wants to date her, she would have to check with her directors.

She said she’s busy for her own father and added that she has no time or dates to act with Kamal Haasan. Shruti is so focused that she is happy being busy and doesn’t want to think about love or marriage. She has definitely become an example for modern-day woman.

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Shruti is currently busy with two projects, Race Gurram with Allu Arjun and Gabbar with Akshay Kumar. She also has Welcome Back to her credit and she will start shooting for it soon.