Kamal Haasan Take on 'Behen Hogi Teri' Poster ControversyControversies aren’t new to the Universal star, Kamal Haasan and in fact, he is freshly out of one controversy which created a storm in a teacup sorts of an issue for his comments on our epic Mahabharata.

Kamal Haasan responded to one of the recent controversies. This time, it’s not to a controversy involving him but to a controversy about the poster of his daughter, Shruti Haasan’s upcoming movie ‘Behen Hogi Teri’. The controversy has nothing to do with Shruti Haasan as the poster features her hero Rajkumar Rao in Lord Shiva’s attire sitting on a bike wearing chappals.

Kamal Haasan is saddened to see that the people of our country are soon losing their sense of humour and hence there is a dire need to realise this and come out of such extreme retaliations. True. The makers of the movie were arrested and then granted bail because of the complaint of some religious outfits.