Shradha Das Saurav Ganguly

Actress Shradha Das has been a huge fan of cricketer Saurav Ganguly and she has expressed this fact several times in the past. It was therefore dream come true for the actress when she met her favorite cricketer recently in Kolkata. The actress met Saurav Ganguly for the shoot of an episode on the show the former hosts in West Bengal. Shradha Das shot for the show as part of promotion of her upcoming film in Bengali language Royal Bengal Tiger.

In Telugu films the actress has disappeared off late but will soon be making a grand comeback with the film Rey. She will be playing the role of a pop diva in the film which is also said to be the film’s antagonist character. Naturally she is thriller to be part of the film and especially for getting such a role in it. One has to wait and see if the film does any good for her career in Telugu by giving good opportunities.