Prabhas-SaahoIf you ask any actress on their experience of working with the hero of the film, they always say kind words about their co-actors. However, you can catch that coldness in their tone to know if they are bluffing it or they really mean it. Now what Shraddha Kapoor told about Prabhas is the sweetest and genuine feedback that any actor could get.

It is no need to say how darling Prabhas is. All the Tollywood proclaims his sweet attitude and now the neighboring actor too gave a clean certificate to the star calling him a gentleman. Of course, he is a gentleman, well it sounded greater to listen to such words about our star from a B-Town lady.

“He is such a gentleman and an amazing human being. I think it translates in his energy on set and is so inspiring for everybody,” said the Saaho girl. The film crew is busily shooting to meet the expected release schedule. People are eagerly waiting to watch the trilingual action thriller in theaters hoping for the increased energetic performance of Prabhas after delivering an epic.