Janatha Garage Benefit Show Timings Hyderabad, Janatha Garage Benefit Show Timings Vijayawada, Janatha Garage Benefit Fans Show Timings VijayawadaIn the last twenty-four hours, there has been lots of confusion regarding the release plan of Janatha Garage. Will there be benefit shows? If they are planned when will they start in different areas? Have they got the permission to screen or has it been denied? When will the premieres in the US begin? There are so many questions like these and there is one final answer for all that.

Shows of Janatha Garage will start all over from 3 AM IST and its corresponding time in different time zones with the exception of Kuwait and Dubai. This decision has been taken by production house of Janatha Garage and there is no force what so ever in this regard.

So forget all the different updates that one is getting online with every passing minute and just keep 3 AM in mind. Don’t panic is what one has to say to fans as this postponement is done purely for the sake of convenience of the makers and the film at hand.

Even the early premiers planned in US now pushed back and shows begin only after 5pm EST to align with the show timings in India. Stay tuned to the page as we further update interesting happenings on Janatha Garage.