Shouting-Jai-Tarak-at-Jr-NTR-HouseFans are shouting ‘Jai Tarak’ at NTR’s house and we know the occasion. It’s NTR’s birthday and it will be a special day for fans, ultimately. While the fans were shouting at midnight, NTR came out much to the excitement of fans and waved to them standing in the balcony.

It was a nice gesture from the Nandamuri hero coming out for his fans after midnight though it would have been not so convenient for him to come out at that hour and greeting them on his birthday when they came to wish him for the same. That’s what is called respecting fans for their admiration.

Fans are sharing this short video all over various social media platforms as they are excited to see Tarak in person on his birthday. Besides this special feast for fans, fans are doing hungama on social media sharing NTR’s pics and some have gone to the extent of making modifications for his pics and the videos as they would wish to see him.