Meeku-Matrame-Chepta-Vijay-DeverakondaComing from one of the most happening young heroes of the Telugu Film Industry, ‘Meeku Matrame Chepta‘ had the privilege of being Vijay Deverakonda’s maiden production venture. However, after the film’s release, we have a valid question to ask.

“Should Vijay Deverakonda stop making short films for the big screen? The movie has opened to mixed talk from all over and there seems to be no second opinion about the fact that the movie looks more like an extended short film rather than a full-fledged feature film.

The fate of the movie is sealed leaving Vijay to think if he should continue making films or just concentrate on films as an actor instead of experimenting with more production ventures. Does he need this unnecessary negativity?

It’s crystal clear about the kind of budget the young hero would be risking in his production ventures. MMK was more like a short film for the big screen. Do you think he needs this failure in his account? Isn’t it time for him to focus on acting more? What do you think?