Should RRR Get Baahubali Like Treatment Whenever It Arrives?First of all, a question like, should RRR gets a Baahubali like treatment, wouldn’t even arrive in the first place before the pandemic. But, as things stand today, a lot has changed. These extraordinary circumstances beg the question – should RRR get such a treatment whenever it arrives?

Well, the answer would be yes, a resounding YES. If not for anything but the sheer investment that has been put on it by the makers and distributors mandate it gets a free run for at least a couple of weeks.

One may wonder if it is that simple, why this question is posed at all. Well, it is due to the poor handling of the makers related to the release date. They have gone with an improbable date (Oct 13) for far too long without giving any indications whatsoever of its postponement.

What it meant was that other biggies locked their dates. And many of them have chosen Sankranthi 2022 and made it official. For RRR to now come and bulldoze them away wouldn’t look nice.

The bottom line is that the RRR team should expect a clean run ala Baahubali when they arrive in the non-festival season. But, not when its Sankranthi. The former is idle for everyone if RRR can hold their release further. We have seen that with KGF: 2 makers who have moved to April 2022.

As of now, Bheemla Nayak, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, and Radhe Shyam is officially confirmed. Acharya, F3 and Bangarraju are waiting in the wings. If any of the former set gets postponed, others would be looking to take their place. It won’t be solo RRR for Sankranthi 2022, for sure.

All of these are assuming that the pandemic situation doesn’t worsen. If it does everything and everyone goes for a toss. Then we all can debate simultaneous OTT and theatrical release, which frankly would be an anti-climax after all the waiting.