Should Prabhas Copy Allu Arjun Before It’s Too Late?Prabhas’s immediate next theatrical outing, Radhe Shyam will be out in theatres worldwide in under 48 hours from now. There is one big complaint that we are hearing prior to Radhe Shyam’s theatrical release and that is Prabhas’s Hindi dubbing.

Those who have watched the Hindi trailer of Radhe Shyam are opining that Prabhas‘s Hindi dialect is odd and outlandish. Several of them are even sharing their opinion on social media, saying the macho hero should have opted not to dub for his role and let someone else do the job. Incidentally, there was a similar talk during Saaho’s release as well.

On a related note, prior to Pushpa’s release, Allu Arjun said he wouldn’t try his hand at other language dubbing and would leave it to professionals to do the job. This worked out pretty well for Pushpa as the voice artist’s dubbing for the film’s Hindi version worked like a charm and the film eventually went on to become a blockbuster in the Hindi market.

Allu Arjun’s strategy is now applicable for Radhe Shyam. Rather than going for self dubbing and then drawing flak, Prabhas and Radhe Shyam should have gone for a professional voice artist for the Hindi version.

Hindi audiences tend to encourage a theatrical release only if the dubbing is on point. Going by the early response, Radhe Shyam has missed the trick.

Should Prabhas copy Allu Arjun and opt not to dub in Hindi before it is too late, if it isn’t already? We will know the affirmative answer after seeing how the Hindi audience react to Prabhas’s vocal renditions for Radhe Shyam.