ninne-pelladatha-Naga ChaitanyaThe news of Rakul Preeth Singh’s brother, Aman to make his entry to the film industry with a Telugu cinema, that too with the title of the film being “Ninne Pelladata” has gone out to shoots. Not many Akkineni fans are happy with the title to have given for a new and unknown face like Aman, who might not yet be capable of handling the blockbuster title.

Ninne Pelladata is one of the memorable outings of his career for Nagarjuna and he himself encouraging the title to be given to launch a new face doesn’t seem to be a good decision.

The film was a blockbuster and even the music was incredible which makes the listeners fall in love with the songs again and again even now.

Well, if an unknown debut artist like Rakul’s brother does it, it won’t even get its due attention even if it is worth a shot.

Now that title needs some known face maybe his son to carry the weight of the title. Maybe they should have left it for Naga Chaitanya. What do you think?